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Booty Farm

Happy New Year, stud farmers! Thank you all for joining us as we usher Booty Farm into its 3rd year!

We have plenty in store for you in 2021, both farm-wise and adult content-wise. You can read about it in our earlier post! But for the moment, please enjoy our first new girl of the year, Camille Chase – the Vet you’ve been asking for!

Camille’s and Nicole’s events were something like a zen island in the midst of many updates to Booty Farm. In December, we brought you a brand new mini-game, the Booty Ninja, and a new Train adventure (for some reason it’s not showing up until you unlock it, but it’s Sandra, just so you know).

The Vet will be followed by some more base-game Una&Diana content. We’re rolling out our plans for upcoming third seasons for the main cast, and you’ll want to start saving up on them crystals – the best place to do that is the train, of course.

Booty Ninja

For the first iteration of our new mini-game, we left the rounds limitless. This let you fine-tune your finger-sword and collect more points in a single round than was possible in any of the older mini-games. This is also one of the many things that we might change in time for Booty Ninja v2 (right after Camille’s Event, as part of the Birthday Event), thanks to all the feedback we got from you!

We must admit that we made a mistake by not including a tutorial in the game. We overestimated people’s familiarity with Fruit Ninja and its clones, so there will be a tutorial for the next time Booty Ninja shows up. There will also be gameplay and visual changes to make it easier to do longer runs: the egg bomb will be more clearly marked, the first few batches will be easier to complete, and there will be significantly less produce/hidden egg bomb piles.

We’ve also got a couple of tips if you find yourself struggling to separate the egg from the fruit:

Got more tips? Teach us your ways in our Discord community!

Two Weeks at the Farm

Jan 12 – 19
Camille the Vet

Jan 19 – 23
Cumback girls: Booty Slam, Catburglar

Jan 22 – 29
Birthday 2021 Mini-Game Event

Jan 29 – Feb 2
Cumback girls: MILF Mayor, Brianna S02

Known Issues

The downloadable version of Booty Farm has been down more than it’s been live in the past month. This has been a problem since the Nutaku redesign, and is unfortunately not something we have full control over. We are sincerely sorry to all our DL players. We highly recommend that you play via browser or Android device until this matter has been settled for good. We will keep you updated, but in the meantime, the DL is considered a faulty version.

With 4 events behind us, looks like found its pacing! It took a few experimental events and plenty of feedback on our Discord server, but so far, the Kinky Holidays Event hit the sweet spot between engaging and rewarding. We’re also very happy to have the option of skins with stories for you to take back into your main game.

And now, the coast is clear for the first event ever to be made! The prequel! The Election! Take a peek into the team’s dirty little past and see what they went through to become the force that keeps this horny little town going.

The Election-themed event will include 2 new characters and 4 new skins. The new characters will have the standard 3 stories, and the skins won’t have their own stories for the moment.

The Winter map is pretty neat, think we’ll keep it a while longer! There isn’t a system in place yet where you can change map skins like you can with characters, but it’s something to think about once we create a few more map skins for the game. Winter Map

We’re already working on February in There will be several events, of which one is a returning event (another story in a familiar setting), and one will be dystopian-themed. The storyverse groweth!

long lost lust twitter header unused

Long Lost Lust

‘Tis the year when we’ll finally be able to play Long Lost Lust!

Despite our months-long silence, our fantasy project is doing exceptionally well. A while back, we weren’t too happy with the way the game was optimized, but felt like it was playable enough and were willing to get it out the door ASAP. Thankfully, we decided against this. Not only were we not certain how long it would take us to fix known bugs, let alone new soft-launch bugs, but we also didn’t want to be that kind of studio.

You have all been incredibly understanding and patient with us even when we said we’d launch the game and then took it back. We are incredibly grateful for all your support and words encouragement through this period! This is more than some studios can dream about, and we’re aware of how valuable and tender our relationship with our players is, the trust you’re putting in us. We owe it to you to release the best possible version of Long Lost Lust we can create.

So let us tell you what we’re doing to warrant your trust.

Originally, one of the biggest problems with the game was that it was too big and unoptimized. To make the package more reasonable, we had to redo all animations in a more sensible manner. We brought on new team members who have been invaluable in finding creative solutions for little dead ends we had walled ourselves into. The past two months of Long Lost Lust development has been very difficult, but so rewarding!

Here’s a small sample of our changelog from just the past week:

-Optimized the animation system resulting in 5x better FPS
-196 character skins redone for easier animation
-Game currently ~400mb, as opposed to the original 1gb
-Decreased initial download from 2-5 mins to 10-30 seconds.
-Polished up combat, animations depict actions, turns and telegraphing more clearly
-Animated some menus
-Scaled all menus for various resolutions
-Removed repetitive offer pop-ups
-Better saving system
-Fixed daily/weekly quest reset bug
-Negative energy bug removed
-Removed double tapping to unlock new Saga pages
-Skills now have descriptions, unlock level now visible
-First purchase multiplier added
-Surrender button added
-Loading screen now depicts remaining progress
-Added info popups to all currency/offers
-Implemented a cinematic system

Last but not Long Lost Least, did you know that the real party is on Discord? You can see all the characters that will appear in-game and read a little bit about their kinks and backgrounds!


For regular glimpses into our work, WIPs of upcoming events and character art, and a chance to name characters, we have a Patreon! We also have a really neat offer for Playboy Troupers – our Long Lost Lust team will make a custom avatar for you, according to your wishes! This is a limited time offer, and only the first 10 Playboys get a custom avatar. Grab your seat on time!


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