Join forces with rebels and goddesses in this casual collectible RPG game to release a grim kingdom from a curse.

…The fantasy realm itself is in peril, after Eris, Goddess of Despair, bestowed a curse upon the world, causing most people to lose their sexual appetite, introducing a bleak, sad atmosphere across the lands.

Only a few brave souls were able to escape the curse with their libido intact. One of them is the Chosen One. And the only way for the Chosen One to realize his potential is to have dangerous sex with Eris’s sister – Aine, the Goddess of Love and Sex.

The Protagonist subjects to this test and survives, thus proving himself as the Chosen One. From that moment on, Aine herself accompanies him on an epic quest to save the world, and where he goes, many beautiful rebels will follow, determined to bring back their Long Lost Lust.

Gather Your Party

The game features a huge cast of classical RPG tropes turned into beautiful women ready to battle for their libido. They are divided into four Factions: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, and Kinky, according to their preferences. These Factions – as well as their upgrade levels – will affect their strength in battle.

An Adult Epic Saga

Engage with a beautifully illustrated mature fantasy saga as you recruit and upgrade a roster of baddass women from every fantasy class and trope you can think of. With every upgrade, inhibitions and clothes drop, as they become increasingly more lustful. Guide the hottest adventuring party to battle, presented as extremely sexual encounters. Wherever you go, beautiful rebels will follow, determined to bring back their Long Lost Lust.

Key Features

  • Unique Idle Combat
  • Erotic Fantasy Comic Book Saga
  • 50+ Badass Warrior Ladies at Launch
  • 150+ Uncensored Sex Scenes
  • 150+ Collectible Items

Long Lost Lust is the third Tender Troupe game available exclusively for Nutaku, following in the familiar high quality art style of Booty Farm and It is free to play, available for Browsers and Android Devices

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