Sex sells!

The Kinkverse is yours, Vice Mayor!

With an army of hot, loyal girls on staff, you are on the climb for political power and panty-dropping piles of cash. Run an empire of sex toys as you handle every lubed up mess your kooky mayor creates, and explore thematic universes to seduce more sexy babes.

Money, success, and power are just a few thrusts away!

It’s all sex with benefits! As the suave Vice Mayor Dick Ruff, maneuver through a series of dirty schemes and kinky deals and kickstart your lucrative sex-fueled empire. You are a rising political figure who’ll do just about anything to make a name for yourself as A Dick You Can Trust.

This saucy idle clicker is bathed in neon-signs, hot women, and more cold hard cash than your sexy assistants can account for. Grow your reputation in the incredibly lewd main storyline and impress the ladies in their personal interactive sex stories. You decide how your sexual conquests play out!

Weekly events take place in the Kinkverse. Explore wonky alternate timeline stories:

  • Explore the galaxy aboard The Enterpussy in Cosmic Sexploration
  • Rule the wasteland as the Barons of Lube in Fury Load
  • Be the secret werewolf in a den of vampires in the deliciously devious Love Bites
  • Hire new babes for your homeworld in Election.

Key Features

• 50+ Interactive Sex Stories
• 50+ Uncensored Sex Scenes
• 30+ Unique Girls to Seduce and Upgrade
• 10+ Cash Generating Buildings
• Regular Events
• Choose Your Approach

Play is available on Steam and through Nutaku. It is best experienced as a casual mobile game, but a PC and browser version are also available for free.


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