Congratulations! You just inherited your uncle’s farm. Whatever shall you do with it? Meet and satisfy your sexy neighbors in this funny casual farm dating sim!

How would you like to be able to seduce every woman you meet? You’re the only man around for miles in Booty Farm, and all your neighbors are lonely and horny babes.

Booty Farm enjoys a casual gameplay with simple farm sim mechanics that guide you through hot, unique storylines. You’ll need to be 18 or older for this one!

Congratulations! You inherited big!

In Booty Farm, take over the life of a handsome guy who can seduce any woman. You start out living in the big city, but your life completely changes when you inherit your cooky uncle’s farm – a large fixer-upper outside the city.

As a genuine playboy, you don’t know how to manage the farm, and you want to sell it – but you change your mind after meeting Mindy – your extremely hot and sexy assistant. She will help you manage the farm and guide you through the tips and tricks of Booty Farm.

Booty Farm farm sim dating sim resource management casual meet seduce girls

Manage your own Farm

Your job is to run the farm and seduce your beautiful girls next door. The farm part is pretty casual – you plant seeds, harvest crops, feed animals and nurture trees. You also manage the construction of production buildings that will open up a wider range of produce for you to sell and get rich off of.

Once your storage starts filling up, you can start making big money – your sexy neighbors will place orders that you can complete to earn some cash and a lot of affection with them. You chat with them in a dating sim format, where you get to know the girls, flirt with them, and make advances whenever you find an opening. They will in turn reward you with progressively more revealing photos of themselves. Each girl comes with a rewarding storyline where you start having sexual affairs with all of them, and build your own Booty harem.

Booty Farm combines resource management and farm simulations with dating sims and visual novels. With Mindy giving you a helping hand, you will spruce up your old farm in no time, and become the biggest manufacturer of organic produce in the region. Mindy will stay as your partner, helping you whenever she can with the farmwork, and introducing you to all the beautiful women around. She also likes to get in on the fun with you!

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Chat with hot girls

The girls of Booty Farm are the main reason you stayed in this town – they’re all hot and horny, and you’re the only attractive man for miles around! There are more than 30 girls on Booty Farm, and they are all eager to meet and fuck you, and help you grow your farming empire. Just make sure that you are completing their orders on time to get the opportunity to raise your affection with them!

Are you ready to roll around in the hay with a foxy redhead cowgirl? Let a gamer girl sit on your face as she streams live? Finally fuck your naughty stepsister? Get down with a nurse that digs double penetration? Serve hot mature women in the bedroom? Make out with identical lesbian masseuses? Seduce a sweet girl next door? Get a big tiddie goth girfriend? All of these women are looking to play with you at Booty Farm.

Rewarding lewd content

The often comedic, always erotic stories in Booty Farm are a gift that keeps on giving. Booty Farm content is updated and expanded at least three times a month, with five to seven story beats in each update. There is a new girl added to the cast once a month, and the girls are more than happy to play together, too.

Every sexual encounter is vividly illustrated in top quality photos that players receive upon finishing each story beat. The game has all the women you could possibly desire, and more are added each month. The girls all love you and want to sleep with you on any given occasion.

The photos either tickle your imagination or fill you with insatiable lust. The sex scenes are extremely lewd and erotic, the girls are wild, the stories are titillating. This is the core of Booty Farm.

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Booty Farm artwork is sexually stylized, detailed, and all the girls’ expressions are earnestly depicted with pleasure. The color palette is bright, balanced, and relaxing.

Once a month, Booty Farm creates harem-themed animated mini-game events, where you can play the sexy story of the month! Not only will you unlock exclusive monthly content, but you can also compete with other players to get the highest score on the Booty Farm leaderboard and earn more resources! Mini-game events are not focused on a single girl, but they bring in an entire harem of ladies who can’t wait to get with you. The pictures prove it!

last ronin booty farm hentai deco

Play Booty Farm

Booty Farm is available exclusively through Nutaku, the world’s biggest NSFW adult gaming platform. Signing up for Nutaku is completely free, and will reward you with access to hundreds of equally stimulating games of passion and sex. This platform is the safest, most anonymous place online to engage in adult games, regularly updated content, riveting storylines, and the highest quality of adult art.
Booty Farm can be played via browser, but it can also be downloaded for free to your Android device, or your PC through the Nutaku Client. Progressing through Booty Farm is also free, and the more you play, the more access you will have to various rarer decorations, stories, and some helpful features for managing the farm.

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Follow Booty Farm

Be sure to keep up with regular Booty Farm content releases! There are many ways you can keep up with your favorite digital waifus. Join our large and friendly Discord community to discuss best farming techniques to seduce women with, hype up your favorite girl, and participate in giveaways. If you’re ready to show off your big boy fantasies to your Twitter followers, you can tweet Mindy at @tendertroupe.

If you can’t get enough of steamy Booty Farm artwork and want to support Tender Troupe creating it, check out our Patreon Page where we regularly post in-progress work from upcoming Booty Farm events and our other adult games.