We nurture the professional and personal growth of our employees. It is an act of true professionalism to perceive a game as a group of systems working in harmony, to define each individually, and work on making the game more pleasurable as a whole. We appreciate colleagues who can manage their workload and work with us to keep behind-the-scenes development smooth and seamless.

Working on Tender Troupe titles is, above all else, a titillating experience. Approaching mature themes with zest and giddiness is our favorite part of the job. Each Trouper’s voice is heard in production, and all of our content was designed to be fun for us to work on as much as it is fun for you to play.

Due to the turbulent times we live in, we strive to make our presence in the Tender Troupe virtual office pleasant and professional. We must always approach the domain of Human Fantasies and Player Psychology with respect and without judgment. Since Tender Troupe works with themes that are extremely intimate and private to all, it is important that each of us is responsible towards other opinions and treats their colleagues and players with respect.

Each Tender team works with two principles – Transparency and Respecting your colleagues’ time. With healthy team communication, we can spot development problems a mile away, and work as a team to remove them before they affect anyone’s comfort. The people who make Remote Work the haven that it is are those who are considerate of their coworkers and work together towards mutual benefits.

Tender Troupe is not a family. We are professionals in a very niche industry, and because of this, we strive to be inclusive, tactful, and respectful towards each Trouper.