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Booty Farm

With only a month of 2020 left, and Black Friday just around the corner, we figure it’s time to come out with a big statement. There’s a little something we’d like to say about the year behind us – we enjoyed every moment spent creating new Booty Farm stories for you to engage with and were thrilled to see our player community grow and reach new milestones of genuinely being good, thoughtful, and supportive to each other. It’s been a lovely nook with you guys, we stoked to keep this up!

Now, let’s focus on the future. Our Booty Farm producers would like to present you with their vision for the game in the upcoming year:

Not many grand scheme features were added to the Booty Farm world in 2020 due to our engagement in preparing and launching our new Tender Troupe games, and Long Lost Lust. This should change in 2021. Some of the changes will be easy to notice while others will be hidden under the hood, but all of them will provide a more fun, engaging gameplay, and more things to do!

The first and most noticeable change is that we’re not running a mini-game this month. This was supposed to be the reveal of Booty Ninja, but the new mini-game is still not up to par with our expectations, so we’re pushing it to December. To give you a break from the card game, we decided to make the Thanksgiving Sleepover a regular event and the promised slicing event will surely be ready in time for the New Year’s events.

We will maintain the three-events-per-month golden standard, keep things fun and casual, and work in different ways to make Booty Farm a stronger presence in the Nutaku games roster. At least one new girl each month, a mini-game event, many S02 stories, and the start of S03 for your favorite girls! We are currently painting S02 for the remaining members of the main cast, and they will be released before we open S03 season with the single most asked for addition to our game – Stella’s S03. We are also working on new train adventures to give you more reasons to use the game’s biggest source of crystals – you’ll need them to unlock S02 of Emma, Denelle, Una&Diana, Sandra, and Isabella. Once we complete a few train adventures, we’ll start adding them into the game at a rate of one per month.

Talk about under the hood work – we need to repair the truck orders, the base of the whole game. Right now, they are repetitive and can get kind of boring. This balancing act will be a tricky change performed in increments, and we are thankful for your patience with us until we hit the right balance. Any feedback you give us on our Discord channel is crucial to getting the algorithm right as fast as we can. 🙂

We’re also adding some small usability changes that you’ve asked for. This includes, among other things, a barn icon and a way to lock truck orders so that you don’t cancel them by mistake. Something that we might even finish this year is an addition to the event system that keeps the event button on-screen for one day longer than the actual event, so that you may buy extra resources and finish it if you ran out of time and are missing just, like, one photo.

We’ve been announcing the new Girl Tab all year, but yeah, see how that turned out. The good news is that our graphic designer already made some mockups that look WAY better and are much more user-friendly than the current tab. It’ll simplify browsing through events and regular girls, filtering photos, and purchasing missing content! But as ‘psy’ would say, :zippermouth:.

We hope that you’ll continue sending us your suggestions for how you’d like to see the game grow, ideas for new girls and events, and comments, as many comments as you please! You can talk to us directly anytime via Discord Server.

Regarding Black Friday, we’ve got a few bigger updates aside from the sweet Thanksgiving Sleepover event. Mini-game events have finally joined the cumback cycle! You’ll be able to purchase and play mini-game stories without the stress of the leaderboard. (This excludes the Red Riding Hood event for the moment because of technical difficulties)

We’re continuing the streak for Cyber Monday. All our early events up to Thanksgiving 2019 will be available to purchase in the Shop forever. No more waiting for an event to show up in the Cumback cycle.

Two Weeks at the Farm

Nov 19 – 22
Cumback girls: MILF Mayor Wanda, DJ Naya S02, Nurse Jessica

Nov 23 – 30
Thanksgiving Sleepover Event (Jane, Stella, Linda, Emma, Nicole)

Dec 2 – 9
MC’s Vacation Event: Desert Adventure

Known Issues

We are currently having trouble with the downloadable version of the game and are working on a fix. We highly recommend that you switch to the webGL or Android version of Booty Farm until the downloadable is operational again. Thank you for your patience while this happens!

Regarding Nutaku’s redesign – if you are still having trouble entering the site, clear your cache and cookies via browser settings, then CTRL+F5 it. And welcome back. 🙂 adult casual idle clicker mobile android game dick ruff tender troupe nutaku nathalie camgirl

Our first event was full of firsts – a bit of the good, the bad, and the learning. We received a ton of feedback from you for which we are very grateful. Here’s a snippet of our Discord mid-event announcement, which contains some insight into how events will be rolling out across the big picture. It’s quite different to Booty Farm, so take note!

There are several event universes (4 or 5, it’s not set in stone atm) that will circulate. Their main big difference will be the main story. You play the event to read the new main story set in that universe. When the event is over, you will carry your earnings into the main game, and you can start unlocking stories for the girls you acquired in the event. Since the eventverses repeat, if you don’t “catch em all” this time, you have a chance to get them at another instance of event in that universe, when they are not THE exclusive reward. 

Naturally, events have been compared to Booty Farm events, but they are quite different. In Booty Farm, you have time-limited NSFW content and a week to unlock it. Here, you have short event bursts (4 days) where you’re not getting NSFW content outside the main story (achievable by any player). Your goal is to make as much money in these 4 days, so that you can get resources for the main game, and maybe even snatch event girl cards when you can. Since Love Bites was our first event, the only exclusive content we could deliver were Rayne and Bella cards. As events pile up, you will have more event-related cards and skins in the raffle, so it should be easier to get goodies each time. 🙂

In retrospect, there are some “event rules” we should have mentioned before the event started, such as “invest everything on the Graveyard, you won’t regret it!”, but as a first, it was trial and error and we’re better equipped with how to make it more straightforward in round 2.  And round 2, as well as round 2.1 are taking us to space!

The Enterpussy is yours to command, Cap’n Dick’ard!

The Cosmic Sexploration event is a set of two events that will play out back to back. This will give you plenty to do in a longer period of time, a chance to collect more rewards, and it will give us an opportunity to see how two events within the same eventverse carry over into each other. Here’s what’s new:

  • two-part event. Cosmic Sexploration pt 1 is scheduled for Nov 25 – 29. Cosmic Sexploration pt 2 is scheduled for Nov 30 – Dec 4.
  • 3 new girls
  • Skins that you can take over into the main game! We’ll expand on the skins lewd-wise (think boosts and skin-related sex stories), but in the meantime they’re a neat cosmetic feature.
6 of 9
6 of 9
  • Mechanics changes:
    – cumulative milestones instead of starting over from scratch each time
    – card-trading system improved
    – flasher more common
    – “Special Deal” timer fixed
    – Trinity Case wait time shortened to 2h
  • Content changes:
    – main story can be finished even if you don’t complete the event (the story beats take 2/3 of the event, then it’s just reward collection
    – leaderboard girl included in event milestones (a bit harder to reach but still possible without battling it out on the leaderboard).

Fan Spotlight

Whenever we get the opportunity, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server. Alternatively, if got your creative juices flowing, you’ll receive 20 influence tokens! Join us on the Discord server.

If you’re a lewd artist, you probably know of DarkPiccolo‘s poontastic gallery! This connoisseur of NSFW content is also a prolific patron of the arts, commissioning art of himself with fictional babes from just about every media. Here’s a couple of pieces featuring our very own Booty Farm darlings:

Mindy (Booty Farm) and Malon (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) by LilBoots
misa grittney death note booty farm darkpiccolo Jiro-knightrider
Misa (Death Note) and Grittney (Booty Farm) by Jiro-knightrider

Join us on Discord and tell us a little story about the photos above to win some Booty Farm crystals, too! 😉


For regular glimpses into our work, WIPs of upcoming events and character art, and a chance to name characters, we have a Patreon! We also have a really neat offer for Playboy Troupers – our Long Lost Lust team will make a custom avatar for you, according to your wishes! This is a limited time offer, and only the first 10 Playboys get a custom avatar. Grab your seat on time!


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