Booty Farm

Congrats, you just inherited a farm and your hot neighbors will not let you be! Erotic hijinks ensue on your neverending quest to expand your farm! Discover spicy romances and intertwining stories in this bizarrely relaxing farm simulator.

Play as Dick Ruff, a suave Deputy Mayor who gets things done to the delight of every woman in town, in this slightly chaotic interactive idle clicker game.

Long Lost Lust

This casual collectible RPG lets you join forces with rebels and goddesses to release a grim kingdom from its curse. Assemble your party and quest on!

We make adult games

Tender Troupe is a small indie development team creating kinky little experiences for your gaming needs. We developed and published Booty Farm,, Long Lost Lust, and are working on new titles and an endless stream of new content for the games you already have at your fingertips.

Our house codes are:

  • unique and memorable art style
  • endearing characters
  • immersive scenes
  • fast paced, witty stories

We take great pride in being Very Present on our Discord servers, staying in touch with our player community and taking your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback to heart. With your help, we cultivate a small part of the Internet where anyone can feel comfortable experiencing the joys of erotica with like-minded people of culture.

You can play our games via PC, browser, and Android devices, through Steam or Nutaku. We deliver highly visual live events weekly, making Tender Troupe games some of the continuously most content-rich titles available in the adult free-to-play genre.

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Is this you? Come and join the Tender Troupe, we’ll warm a seat:
Unity programmer - The Troupe needs help disciplining that code.

WriterIf you brandish a quick wit backed with eloquence, we’d like you to join the Troupe.

Artist - Let loose a troupe of NPCs for our Writers to breathe character into.

We’re open to any questions, remarks, comments.

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