Whats our angle?

Funny Narrative Content

Immersive and witty roleplaying storylines.

Mainstream-level Mechanics

High-quality polished content that will keep you coming back.

Top Quality Art Style

Unique visuals created by AAA artists.

About Us

We are a troupe of veteran game developers with experience in AAA projects who decided to bring high-quality polished games to a wider, more casual audience through casual time management sims and fantasy RPGs. Our games are designed with a mature player in mind, equipped with mainstream-level free-to-play mechanics, a diverse roster of characters, and a live, on-going narrative.

The two things you can expect from all our games are quality and replay value – we know the tricks and techniques of development back-alleys and will only ever deliver games that are polished to perfection. But you know, still casual.

Booty Farm

Grow crops and relationships in this funny farm dating sim game.


Play as Dick Ruff, a suave Deputy Mayor who gets things done, to the delight of every woman in town, in this interactive story-based idle clicker game.

Long Lost Lust

This casual collectible RPG lets you join forces with rebels and goddesses to release a grim kingdom from its curse.

Tender Times

Hot takes from the Tenderverse.

Contact Us

Is this you? Come and join the Tender Troupe, we’ll warm a seat:
Unity programmer - The Troupe needs help disciplining that code.

WriterIf you brandish a quick wit backed with eloquence, we’d like you to join the Troupe.

Artist - Let loose a troupe of NPCs for our Writers to breathe character into.

We’re open to any questions, remarks, comments.

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