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In last week’s dev blog, we discussed the three characters who gave you the hardest time due to their skills not activating properly in battle. Hilda, Flaminia, and Leslie will all work properly with the big skills update, as will all the other characters whose buffs and debuffs don’t activate. These issues make them less ideal party members than Hilda for example, who is the only Long Lost Lust character who acts in combat as was intended, right now.

In this dev blog update, we’d like to focus on fun bits of the update, not the necessities. Some of our characters have custom conditions that activate when paired with certain party members, and once you figure out the good matches, you can stack up a really OP party just through the power of character management! We are going to focus on 3 characters, and what they can do when you play to their strengths.


This is one of the earlier stage Epic characters you can collect, available in the Mammary Meadowlands, level 6-10. Even now, she is a formidable character to have on your team, regardless of her skills not activating properly because of colliding triggers.

From Above doesn’t work as a mechanic because shared damage isn’t implemented properly yet. We fixed this skill for the update, and From Above will be edited into the following – “Depending on the damage amount, the damage is shared between current living characters. If your damage multiplier is 850% and 4 enemies are standing, the 850% will be divided by 4 and added to the raw damage and power calculation.

A Flight or Fancy doesn’t cast selective character states Immobilized or Blind, just Gagged or Dazed. This was improved, and she will correctly cast from her full inventory.

Aerial Pound doesn’t trigger because Character death triggers don’t trigger properly. With the skills update, Almathea will cast Aerial Pound, heal and boost self-stats as she should.


If you complete your Achievements and join our Twitter and Discord, you will be able to unlock Hamlette, a powerful Epic attacker. With the skills update, Hamlette will be able to cast all her skills properly, as right now, they are missing implementation and triggers of various damage types, and critical handling.

The Night Visitor doesn’t have Damage Over Time implemented. It will, with the update.

Dirty Whispers doesn’t have a trigger for being Scorched, Poisoned, Infected or Leeched. These conditions will send triggers accordingly. 

Under the Sheets is missing round end triggers to be propagated to the skills. The skills update will make sure that round end triggers are back in play.

The Demoness is our Crit Queen. Right now, she’s a strong Epicc character, but with the skills update, pairing her with a character that already has a strong critical attack stat, such as Hamlette, will give you some really insane attack strength. The skills that do this are Spectral Perspiration (Hamlette), The Great Impaler (Mara), and Heat Sink (Mara). Take a look at these two girls in action!

The Next Round

Thank you for staying with us for yet another Long Lost Lust Skills Update dev blog post! We will post another one next week. The topic will be buffs and debuffs. What are they? How can you optimize them with clever Party Management? More on that from the Tender Troupe Long Lost Lust team!

In the meantime, the Dungeon event Forbidden Knowledge event Shop will be available for 2 days after the event ends! Remember to turn in your Tokens and collect characters shards, skins, avatars, and resources!


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