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If you’re following us on Discord, you’d know that the Long Lost Lust team is currently working on a large feature update for the game. We showed our Content Roadmap in a previous Tender Times, and we’re now able to discuss in more detail what the next step of it will entail.

Introducing Roadmap Changes

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With the introduction of Content Events, we have passed the Summer Heat stage of our Roadmap. We are currently in the Doubling Down phase, but as it turns out, by the time we release this feature update, there will also be an assortment of features that were originally meant to go much later. Doubling Down focuses on the mechanics of the game, and it’ll make standard battles and character management a lot more fun, it’s background work and not immediately noticeable by the casual player. That is why we’d like to announce that the Tavern and Bakery are well under way, and the Saga will most likely be organized differently when we release Chapter 5. More on that in future Dev Blogs! We will be running these on a weekly basis until the big update.

Also, some of these features work best when they are both live in the game, so we would like to group them up and release updates when entire feature clusters are ready.

The Skill Update

Three Long Lost Lust characters who you’ve reported most often for not activating their skills are Flaminia, Hilda and Leslie. Each of these have been a practically unbeatable foe, and often not much of a party member. Hilda is practically a one person army, making other characters obsolete in her path. The game has 50+ characters, and they all have skills that are either fun on their own, can deflect certain enemy character attacks perfectly, or become a whole new level of kick-ass when combined with another character’s skills. But a broken skillset makes battles grindy and sometimes even unbeatable. It definitely takes the fun out of party management.

In this moment, none of our characters act the way they were designed, due to a bug affecting all combat. For the past few months, our top priority task has been to create, optimize and release a massive skill update, which will correct the ways in which every character’s skill activates and affects the battlefield. Our Discord community selected a few characters that they would like to see in action, so you can find The Oracle, Fuku Oshiri, Hilda, and Sundara in the #teasers channel.

Of all our characters, these past few months you’ve reported three that really ruin your experience, so we would like to showcase what their problems are, and how we are fixing them.

Each of her skills is supposed to restore the party’s Vitality, but the healing part never activates, leaving her a very vulnerable and weak fighter, even though she is a Legendary character. The only skill she can activate right now is Goldfinch Pinch.

Golden Felatio – this skill heals allies after the attack, and gives them a Heal Over Time effect that lasts for 6 rounds. In the current version of the game, the Heal Over Time mechanic is experiencing an issue where its calculation always returns as zero, thus never activating. In the update, every character affected with Heal Over Time will have an icon in its conditon/buff stack.

Heal Over Time
*The icon is still subject to change

Pinky Dip – this skill never triggers the increased Heal effect nor self heal. It will be fixed in the update.

Silence is Rosen – this skill belongs to the Vitality Threshold family of skills. In the current game version, it doesn’t trigger at the right conditions, and instead it may happen right of the battle, in the middle of battle, or in some different condition.. This has been fixed for the update.

She has been gatekeeping the Dungeon for weeks due to her bugged out ability to strike everyone. She made the Dungeon Floor 195 impossible to beat, where players are pounded by 5 Leslies before they get a chance to respond. Because of her leeching effect, your own attack strength is gradually reduced as the fight proceeds).

Bottoms Up – this skill is a combination of multiple smaller skills, but currently, its target filters are not filtering the required amount nor the required stats from opponents. It also doesn’t have a proper dot scaling for the opponent stats after the round has ended. Because of this, it targets multiple characters and does all around effects on all of them. We have properly implemented target filters for all stats: Attack, Vitality, Faction, Team, Rarity and it will work properly in the update. In this example, Glendire is the character with the highest attack, so Leslie’s Bottoms Up will target her for Attack.

On the House – right now, the game doesn’t recognize blocked attack states for this skill, therefore, it is never cast. Blocked states have been implemented properly for the update, enabling On the House to activate.


Due to some earlier patches, Hilda is currently the only character whose skills actually work as intended. Because no one else’s do, she is a little bit OP due to her healing nature. In the new update, all of the girls’ skills will activate, and the issue with Hilda will be easily resolved by cleverly organizing your party.

The Next Round

Thank you for staying with us for this Long Lost Lust Feature Update dev blog! We will post another one next week. The topic will be Skill Fixes again, but we will focus on characters who aren’t immediately problematic, but who have really cool skills and synergies that you haven’t been able to see with their current status. Earlier game characters that we’d like to include are Geraldine and Eudicia.

While you wait for the feature update, you can still participate in regular Long Lost Lust events. The Anal Gathering is live until Nov 24th, and then we’ll kick off the Forbidden Knowledge event featuring Margot and… a dragon??


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