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Long Lost Lust

Now that the Long Lost Lust team has increased and everyone is working diligently to improve your experience in the game, we think it’s time to reveal our roadmap for future updates – it should give you a good idea of the order in which you’ll be receiving new content and features in the game. Check it out!

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Long Lost Lust has had two types of events in the past – Boosted Experience and Double Shard Drops. We designed the framework to start releasing several types of content events (new gallery photos, skins, characters, etc.), and the Long Lost Lust team is working with Tender Troupe art and narrative teams to create the content in question. The first content event to come out will be Boobesca Summer, sometime in July. We will follow it with an event that was originally designed for Easter, but scrapped due to the state of the game at that moment. It’s too good to pass up, so Aine will be hitting it off with her bunny persona this summer.

Apart from content events, we also have plenty of features to be added. The Maze, for instance, will function as a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you’ll activate different altars and fight tough enemies for different sets of prizes.  Regardless of these larger content and feature updates, the team will continue working on known bugs regularly. Technical updates won’t be strictly tied to major content updates.

Known Issues

At the moment, vaginal warrior Hilda is causing a ruckus on the battlefield. Her passive skills are strong and trigger too often, and she’s due for a nerfing. We located the source of the problem, and it’s not Hilda being too OP, but the other girls not meeting their potential. This will require a larger skill rebalance, but as a temporary solution, we’ll put a little cap on her in the next update.

The Join our Twitter/Discord button is also bugged right now – for some players, the game breaks when they click on it, and they cannot collect the Hamlette shard reward because of this. Since this problem doesn’t require a major tweak to game mechanics, you can expect it solved pretty soon.

Another reason to drop by our Discord – we’re designing a new character and want to hear your input about how she should be styled. Splish splash!

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Kink.inc is going strong as ever into a whole summer of events! We spent plenty of time in the past months establishing the event worlds and setting up a speedy event pipeline. This includes creating visual and narrative themes, event-world skins, maps, art, UI, and new characters.

During this period, we sort of neglected the main game, as there simply wasn’t time enough to actively work on both. Creating an event pipeline was our priority. Now that things are fast-paced and regular, we can get the main story gears back on track! Last month we added 5 new stories, a building, and 2 new girls. This weekend, we’re adding 2 new chapters, and we’re working on the other 3 chapters of that set (didn’t want to keep you waiting until we had a batch of 5 chapters to release).

Kink.inc July

July 1 – 5
Political Event: The Mayor’s Daughter

July 9
Chapters 41&42

July 15 – 19
Fury Load Event

July 22 – 26
Anime Event

*Event schedule is subject to changes. Rely on in-game notifications on Wednesdays for proof of event that week.
**New chapters will be uploaded as they are created, with no set schedule.

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Booty Farm

Animated Booty Farm, you love to hear it.

Overhauling the whole main game is taking a lot of time, but now that we’re tweaking animations every day, why not bring back some animated events first? It’s best to release things in manageable increments, after all!

This summer, our goal is to release a brand new type of content to the game. It’s not main game content, it’s not an event as you know it… We’ll feel more comfortable talking about it once it’s complete. Be sure to join our Discord by then, to discuss event tactics with the other players. Oh, and another neat thing that happened on Discord recently – we released a short story about taking Nicole on a date, and let the community decide where they go from there. If you’d like to read some fluff with your favorite Camgirl, it’s still up in the #announcements channel!

But until that happens, we return to our daily programming

Booty Farm July

June 29 – July 5
Honey Fair: Isabella or Bee Feed – who wins?

July 8 – 14
Cheer!: Dedication must run in the family, but Rachel takes it to the extreme. She has assembled a Cheer team of Booty Farm girls who must win the amateur cheer competition NO MATTER THE COST.

July 17 – 23
Aquapark: Water slides and wet rides. Refreshments for you thirsty ones!

July 28 – August 3
Eleanor S02: Curiosity killed the cat! Luckily, all it did to our resident brainy babe was drop her to her last two braincells. That libido though? A different matter.


If you want to see more Booty Farm, Long Lost Lust and Sexy Politics art development, head on over to our Patreon page. We post our smuttiest WIPs there regularly.


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