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We released a massive feature update since the last time we chatted Tenderly here. The biggest addition to v1.1.1. is the card trading system. When there’s 254 Hayley cards and a shortage of plugs – Dick’s the man for the job! Tap on him on the bottom of the screen whenever there’s a handshake symbol next to him and even out your resources.

We also added a new in-game news system through which we will inform you about events, features, document patch notes, send you words of encouragement, etc…

Two new ladies joined your party – “Cultural Attaché” Titania and Agent Lana. Lana will be needing several Dicks for the job, and Titania is… well, she’s foreign. You’ll see. Meet them in the  5 additional chapters. That’s right, now goes up to Chapter 30!

Are you still reading? You will be! There’s a hunkin’ big load of new sex stories waiting in the Characters Menu.

This is also a good time to remind you to manually install the new update. If your game is bugging at loading, that is because the older versions won’t run anymore. If you’re playing on Android and struggling with these, click below: project planning nutaku tender troupe idle clicker

Booty Farm

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Riley’s been here for a whole day and she’s already winning hearts! She may be the world’s laziest firefighter, preferring to spend some girl time on the beach with her vintage porn mags – but if you ever get all heated up about that, one look into her baby blue eyes will douse you down and bring another hose into action!

Two Weeks at the Farm

Sept 21 – 28
Firefighter event: This professional hose handler is always in heat

Sept 24 – 28
Cumback girl: Hentai mangaka Sakura

October 1 – 8
Ghost event: She’s a moaner!

October 8 – 12
Cumback girls: Ms Santa 2019, Ms Valentine 2020, Bunny s02

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Long(er) Lost Lust

Since Long Lost Lust is pretty immense, much bigger than either of our previous games, we had a minor technical release to check if the many moving parts are balanced properly in the final playable. Unfortunately, we saw more bugs than acceptable for this stage of development, and with a heavy heart we decided to postpone the Long Lost Lust soft launch until it is a much better, more enjoyable, more coherent gaming experience. Thank you for standing by us under these circumstances, we are doing everything we can to get our epic fantasy game ready to launch!

In the meantime, please enjoy one of our favorite character shots from the game. It’s true that we love all our girls, but Mara is a “teacher’s pet” – producer’s pet at least. We love a demon lady!

Mara Long Lost Lust fantasy babe tiefling adult rpg card collection game nutaku

We are also still in the process of revealing all the Long Lost Lust characters on our Discord server! We’re now 24 girls and 6 creatures in, and counting. Join us and see the epic tier characters first-hand!


For regular glimpses into our work, WIPs of upcoming events and character art, and a chance to name characters, we have a Patreon! We also have a really neat offer for Playboy Troupers – our Long Lost Lust team will make a custom avatar for you, according to your wishes! This is a limited time offer, and only the first 10 Playboys get a custom avatar. Grab your seat on time!


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