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Booty Farm

Our Queen of Halloween, Demonia-wearing babe Grittney brings you the seasonal climax at Booty Farm!


Her second season event will be available until Friday. How do you like her? Do you think she’s really possessed by a nympho witch of ages past, or is she just pulling your dick in a crazy new direction? You can never tell with Grittney and her witchy boo bitchcraft.

Two Weeks at the Farm

Oct 30 – Nov 3
Cumback girls: Camgirl Nicole, Gamer Girl Brianna S01, Goth Girl Grittney S01

Nov 2 – 9
New girl: The masked vigilante LickAss!

Nov 9 – 13
Cumback girls: UFO Xiah, Gamer Girl Brianna S02, French Vacation Girl Colette

Nov 13 – 20
New girl: Roxy the hacker!

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to start the first ever event last week. The good news is – we already have a Halloween event ready for you! Love Bites starts this weekend, and we’re pretty happy to once again kick things off with something festive. 🙂
For four days, a sp00ky new map will be available in Once you cross over to the dark side, you will start a brand new limited event story! Work with an event-only resource to upgrade new projects and characters, and recruit two new naughty hotties, Bella and Rayne (who have their own sexy stories). The more milestones you hit during the event, the more main game resources you will receive when it finishes!
The only resource that carries over into the event is Influence.
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Long Lost Lust

The latest news from the Long Lost Lust team come in the form of a progress update:

We are currently discussing dates internally. There’s a couple of major things left to do.

– Polishing combat, gotta make it look really fun.
– The FPS in combat is really low and we are currently working on a solution for this, that might involve redoing some animations.
– The Arena, our PvP, is also kinda buggy and needs some work
– Some active and passive skills of characters don’t work as intended and they need more work still
– Some code refactoring and general optimization is due
– Browser version still needs some work

This was last week’s notice, so most of these tasks are well under way. Once the big things are done, we’re truly ready for a soft launch!

Hey, how’s this for a high note to leave you on? 🙂

The world of Long Lost Lust, still waiting for the Chosen One.


For regular glimpses into our work, WIPs of upcoming events and character art, and a chance to name characters, we have a Patreon! We also have a really neat offer for Playboy Troupers – our Long Lost Lust team will make a custom avatar for you, according to your wishes! This is a limited time offer, and only the first 10 Playboys get a custom avatar. Grab your seat on time!


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