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Booty Farm

Hey there Nutaku gang, did you manage to complete our Gamer Girl event on time? Brianna remains one of our most popular event girls, and we were really excited to bring her back for seconds. 🙂 Her final image received a lot of praise and it gives us a boner in the heart. <3

We’re always trying something new with the mini-game events, and since you all liked the Mindy masturbation sequence in the Mindy’s Farm event – we’re doing another like it. Little Red starts on Monday. It’s Booty Farm’s spin on the Little Red Riding Hood story, with Stella as a cute forest maiden off to deliver yummies to her distractingly youthful gran, and you as the Big Bad Wolf, ready to pounce. Stella fans are in for a treat!

Here’s a question for you – who do you think will be the distractingly youthful gran? It ain’t Wanda, we can tell that much!

Known Issues

This week was very busy on our end – we released a big structural Booty Farm update. It will make the game lighter and more importantly, you won’t need to reinstall the app for each and every update. Ironically, structural updates come with the biggest amount of bugs, so get ready for a new update to fix the update that’s gonna end updates.

If you have been experiencing some issues with Booty Farm during the past week, we are very sorry. The most common issues were related to missing images, girls, decorations, and train keys. Almost all of them can be fixed by clearing your browser/app cache, but if your game is still bugging regardless, we’ll put out another update to fix the current version of the game. Thank you for your patience!

Two Weeks at the Farm

May 29 – June 1
Cumback girls: Ms Santa 2019, Leprechaun, Grittney

June 1 – 8
Little Red Mini-game Event

June 10 – 12
Cumback girls: Ballerina, Cam Girl

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

This week, we’re dedicating our squats to this HAWT fanart of our favorite gym bunny Sarah. She’s a bunny here, too! ViolentOverlord has only just begun showering Twitter with lewdy goodness, go follow them and say that Sarah sent you ^^
Overlord, DM us for the crystals.

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