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Booty Farm

Hiya Farmers!

This week on Booty Farm, you get to meet a lady who has clearly been around the farm long before you ever inherited it. Our Mayor is too busy to bask in the limelight – taking care of her herd fills her daily workload. Perhaps she needs to take some time off, meet one of her citizens, take a different kind of load. Mayor Wanda sure is due one, with all the help she’s giving you behind the scenes…

Here’s the thought process behind the Mayor. We were sure we needed a certified MILF event girl, but her early designs easily took a turn for the Dominatrix trope. We already have that in Laura, and we couldn’t rely on an experienced mature woman who knows what she wants either – that’s Linda. We needed someone more nurturing, more patient with you, kinder than the other girls. We needed someone our often-grumpy Main Character would be wholeheartedly want to be a good boy for. We needed a MILF who’s got your back – and of course, that became our dream Mayor.

You may have noticed that most of our girls are very willful, love playful banter and often tease the Main Character – there’s not a lot of gentler, soft girls at Booty Farm. Now, we love each of these ladies’ personalities, but a kindly woman was long due, and here she cums!

On a more personal note, what do we call you when goes live? You’re farmers now, and that’s kinda hot, but what comes next? Candidates? Entrepreneurs? Perhaps the right word was Troupers all along. You’re definitely our Troupers Most Tender. <3

How to Play

Mayor Wanda’s event will be available until May 18th. Wanna complete her story on time? Just follow these sexy simple steps:

nutaku tender troupe booty farm mayor event

Complete orders

All orders this week will give you a voter's badge. Complete orders fast and collect as many voter's badges as you can!

nutaku tender troupe booty farm mayor event


There is an animated voter's badge in the top right of your screen. Click on it to toggle your event menu and see how you're faring with Mayor Wanda.

Unlock story with voter's badges

Each new scene costs a certain amount of badges. Exchange voter's badges to progress with your story.

"When a town is chock-full of rambunctious girls, only a responsible momma can govern it right. This is why our lady mayor was "elected" by the Tender Troupe to run for office - indefinitely."
Narrative Designer

Tender Troupe

We are happy to announce that the Booty Farm team found some time to work on long-due structural updates for the game. Essentially, we want to make the game lighter, with less necessary updates. Our programmers have been working diligently on this for a long time, and it looks like in a few events time, you won’t need to reinstall the game for each and every event!


In more visible news, did anyone say ‘animations’? We’re working on animating the girls’ poses, and possibly even all of the season 1 photos. Can’t make too many promises on this because it’s A LOT of work, but it should make the game a lot more immersive if Mindy throws you a wink every once in a while.


If you’d like to see what EVENTS we have coming up, even see some of the photos before they go live, you can follow our progress on our Patreon Page. We also post WIP art from our other two games, and Long Lost Lust.



Two Weeks at the Farm

May 11 – 18
Mayor Wanda event

May 19 – 22
Cumback girls: Brianna (Pussytrip) S01, Summer Beach Volley Event

May 20 – 27
Brianna (Pussytrip) S02 event

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

This week on Discord Posts You Can Really Feel:

mindy show some ass discord
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