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We’ve got an eventful summer ahead of us, and Piper’s on top of things – much like Mindy prefers to be under things (you). We’d like to kick things off with a big ‘un. Enjoy the trailer:

We hope you’re enjoying the neon-lit urban jungle mood takes place in. We compiled everything there is to know about the game so far on’s own page! If you’d like to join us for a little get-together while we wait with bated breath for the release – a casual event, nothing too fancy – join us on the Discord server. You can also chat with Piper via Twitter!

Booty Farm

Hey farmers, did you play nice with Sakura? It would be great if she left a copy of her next hentai book with us for further references, but we guess we got the better thing – the real thing.

The next girl to catch your eye will be someone you’ve encountered before, when you were safely nested in Mayor Wanda’s bosom. Meet the Maid! She’s puppy-eyes eager to make a mess and clean it right up. She loves power play and humiliation, and she never takes her uniform off. What can we say, her job IS her kink!

Two Weeks at the Farm

June 24 – June 27
Cumback girl: Stepsister Rachel Seasons 1 and 2

June 27 – July 4
The Maid Event

July 5 – 7
Cumback girls: Bunny and the Catburglar Annie

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

This week, we’re SUPER stoked to give the stage to Dandabar, who’s got a lot going on for you anthro-lovers! Have you ever heard of Quest For Fun? It’s part of Vixine comics, a very NSFW place to enjoy anthro babes. Most recently, the girls of Quest For Fun and its sequel Space Furry started cosplaying their favorite characters – yup, the girls of Booty Farm. Check out this insane collection of cuties, we are so here for this!

"The Quest for Fun is a new series about the subterranean Amazon mice from the previous Vixine stories. The Amazons had enough of having sex only between themselves. Toys and lesbian sex among the tribe is just not good anymore. Scyra, their best warrior, decides to liberate her Amazon sisters by taking on a long journey in search for high stamina men to bring back to the tribe. She soon meets Zandria, a cute iguana girl; And later Alma, a naughty pirate, who takes them across the sea to the legendary island of tireless men... but their search is not destined to end any time soon. Danger, Adventure, Hardcore Sex, and a bit of Humor awaits you in this new fun comic series. Come join our girls on their Quest for Fun!”
The sequel “Space Furry” details events after issue 20 of Quest for Fun (the end of the first series), and deals with the girls thrust into a new sci-fi setting. “Finding themselves transported to far distant future after a magical clash between Bloodrose (the main antagonist & Alma’s adoptive sister), Alma, Zandria, Scyra, Lewis and Noresse must adjust to the ways of a new world, filled with alien life-forms, androids, space pirates, bounty hunters, a time keeping police force and a returning enemy of the past (Bloodrose), where the crew must find their way back home, but not before exploring what excitements the new world has to offer! Ready to go at light speed? Then let’s explore this new frontier (& backward) together, in Space Furry!”
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