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Booty Farm

Hello farmers!

We’re breaking our regular biweekly Tender Times schedule in order to bring more goodies and news from our fledgeling games, and Long Lost Lust, but Booty Farm has plenty of new things sprouting on its own!

Yesterday, we launched our UFO event, featuring a brand new magical girl – Xiahtropia, but you can call her Xiah. She’s flexible and blue, and she may or may not be an actual alien. Or is it one of Linda’s cosplay friends pulling an elaborate prank on you? We don’t know, but we don’t mind either way. 🙂

Once Xiah leaves for her home planet, someone you already know very well will be joining the team. Welcome Isabella! Mindy’s girlfriend and your most elusive friend with benefits will show up in your truck orders once you hit level 30. If you’re past that level – you get her as soon as she goes live.

Since she’s a regular girl, Isabella gets 10 photos. What do you think her story will be like?

Two Weeks at the Farm

July 20 – 27
UFO Event

July 28
Welcome Isabella!

July 31 – August 7
DJ Naya S02 – Fes2Love thumbnail

We are proud to say that our second big Nutaku game is currently in Soft Launch! As such, it is available in only a few countries. The players with access to the Soft Launch have been massively helpful in the past week, testing the game and spotting problems that we missed in our internal test run. We are polishing things up with their assistance, making it more enjoyable in the long run.

The list of things we changed in the past week is very long, and means little to those who haven’t been playing since Soft Launch Day 1. However, players will appreciate:

⚡You get energy every 2h, instead of the old 4h! ⚡

long lost lust twitter header

Long Lost Lust

There’s a lot of little things we have to do before we release our mature-themed casual collection RPG into Soft Launch. This week, we’re working on a trailer, screenshots, and some new stats menus, and we’re finishing up introduction stories for the characters.

While we wait for the trailer to drop, we’d like to bring this map to your attention. Like what you see?
You’ll be having orgy battles all over it.

long lost lust map casual collection RPG adult themed cumbridge shagri-la

The Continent is spread into three great realms: are the mighty Kingdom of Cumbridge, the exotic Shag-Ri-La Empire and the mystical Mingewood Alliance.
Cumbridge is your standard edition medieval fantasy setting, Shag-Ri-La explores the vast and diverse landscapes of Asia, and Mingewood? That’s elves.

As we were preparing the Nutaku Pre-Registration page for Long Lost Lust, we couldn’t decide on a character to add as a reward. We let the Discord community cast a vote between 12 characters, and Bethany the Baker won! (subtle nod toward the Long Lost Lust Discord link above, where you can see the remaining 11 characters who didn’t make the Pre-Registration cut)

And now, sit back and enjoy a teaser of your first encounter with this shy sweetheart.

Bethany the Baker: Intro Tease

Welcome to the best bakery in the land – Dough Me! I’m Bethany, how may I serve you today?

…Bethany beamed, happy to have her very first customer for the day. He was a handsome one, too, she thought – unlike the boys she’s used to seeing here in her native Plumpton.

Chosen One
Hello Bethany. It is a pleasure to meet you, if you don’t mind me saying, you look lovely!

Our dashing protagonist had struck a nerve within Bethany, she blushed deeply and looked at him from below, face cast downwards in shyness.

Chosen One
Sorry, I didn’t mean to be too forward. You’ve got a neat shop here, plenty of enticing pastries! What do you recommend on my first try?

Oh! Am I glad you asked. Everything is fresh out of the oven, baked by yours truly!

Chosen One
I’m betting anything your hands touch is tasty as fuck!

Tasty as… “fuck”?!

The sweet little bakeress blushed, her flour-stained attire barely covering her huge boobs.

Chosen One
Uh, I mean… Perfectly savory!

Well, not to toot my own horn, but I bake the best pastries in all of Plumpton and surrounding area. Here, try this puff pastry with vanilla and cherries. It’s my own recipe!

Bethany took a small pastry covered in powdered sugar and held her hand over the counter, expecting Hero to take the bit in his hand. He, however…

Chosen One

Ooh… You ate it straight out of my hand!

Chosen One
Mmmh, it adds to the taste!

So, how do you like it?

Chosen One
It’s really good! I’ve never tasted such a pastry… But!

Bethany suddenly froze, eyes wide open, expecting the follow-up to that scary little word, “but.”

Chosen One
There’s something sweeter here than any of your pastries… I am sorry, but I have to be honest.

Really? What?

Chosen One

Bethany felt an electric impulse in her heart, as if she was suddenly sure, more than anything, that she wanted to touch the young man standing tall in front of her. She blinked her huge blue eyes at him, and did a little curtsy, her panties wet under her dress.

Why, thank you! I’ve never seen you here before. Are you a foreigner?

Chosen One
Ah… It’s complicated. But, yes, I come from a distant land!

Hearing our Hero’s humble answer, Bethany found herself doing things before she’d actually thought about them. She pulled the blinds, turned the sign to show CLOSED and went back to the counter. Only, this time, she leaned back on it, trying to look sexy.

Chosen One
Uh… What are you doing? Aren’t you open all day? Your pastries will go sour…

Bethany lifted her finger to her mouth in an attempt to seem flirtatious, but the motion sent her back over the counter where she landed on the floor with a soft thump. Our Hero rushed to help her only to be met by her uplifted legs and revealed briefs. Her boobs were out in the open, too, the force of the fall sending them free from the bra’s evil grasp.

Chosen One
My! Are you alright?

He helped the young bakeress up and swept the flour off her gown, slightly touching her breast on accident. Bethany put herself back together, and looked back at him.

I’m good, I’m good… Phew, thanks. Anyway, my pastries won’t go sour! It’s break time!

Chosen One
Is it?

Our Hero was trying to cheat himself out of whatever Bethany had in mind for the two of them, but the young bakeress had found a tenacity she never knew she had before. Faced with our Hero who she found attractive in every possible aspect, Beth was doing things she would’ve been jealous to hear some other, more brash girl, do with ease.

It is definitely break time! I run this business, do I not?

Chosen One
Heh. Yes, of course. Well… I come from… Uh…

What is it?

Chosen One
I’m sorry, it’s just… Looking at you, I can hardly concentrate. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen all day. Those blue eyes… They see inside my soul.

Oh! He’s a poet AND an adventurer? I am positively stumped by you, dear sir.

Bethany inched ever closer to our Hero, almost imperceptibly, until she was barely half an inch away from him.

Maybe there’s something I could do to help you with that…

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

Tis the season of love in our inbox! We got a new set of fanart from Dandabar, who writes Quest For Fun as  part of Vixine comics. This time, anthro babes Fanny Valentine and Queen Revaria dress up as the two incarnations of Miss V!


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