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Hello farmers, are you getting them wet? We’re talking about the T-SHIRTS, pervs 😀 This is your daily reminder that the Wet T-Shirt contest ends tomorrow.

The launch of this event has been rockier than usual. There were quite a few common problems with save games, event vs regular pictures, and the mini-game itself. This was largely due to us upgrading our technical equipment – we simply weren’t aware that it would have such a large effect on our already standard format of mini-game event. The bugs were fixed quickly, and we hope that they didn’t affect your enjoyment of the event too hard.

It helps that a lot of you wrote in to tell us that you were enjoying Wet T-Shirt Contest Event photos more than usual. We’ll try to maintain this level of quality in upcoming events, too!

Special thanks to our Discord friends who told us which Booty Farm photos are their all-time favorites. Post-event artwork and story feedback helps us create better content for you in the future! 🙂

Two Weeks at the Farm

July 15 – 19
Cumback girls (-20% discount): Ms Santa ’18, Miss V ’19, Bunny ’19, DJ Naya, Gamer Girl S01

July 20 – 27
UFO Event

Long Lost Lust

long lost lust twitter header

It’s been almost two years in the making…

This summer, help us find Long Lost Lust!

Our casual collectible RPG takes the recognizable artwork and unique storytelling art of Tender Troupe into a world of magic, swords, and sandals.

...The fantasy realm itself is in peril, after Eris, Goddess of Despair, bestowed a curse upon the world, causing most people to lose their sexual appetite, introducing a bleak, sad atmosphere across the lands.

Only a few brave souls were able to escape the curse with their libido intact. One of them is the Chosen One. And the only way for the Chosen One to realize his potential is to have dangerous sex with Eris's sister - Aine, the Goddess of Love and Sex.

The Protagonist subjects to this test and survives, thus proving himself as the Chosen One. From that moment on, Aine herself accompanies him on an epic quest to save the world, and where he goes, many beautiful rebels will follow, determined to bring back their Long Lost Lust.

The game features a huge cast of classical RPG tropes turned into beautiful women ready to battle for their libido. They are divided into four Factions: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, and Kinky, according to their preferences. These Factions – as well as their upgrade levels – will affect their strength in battle.

Our Patreon supporters have been following Long Lost Lust artwork for a while now, but we invite everyone to join our Twitter and Discord where you can hear more details about the game straight from the horse’s mouth. We’re the horse, folks! 🙂


This will be the third Tender Troupe game available exclusively on Nutaku, the world’s biggest NSFW adult gaming platform. Signing up for Nutaku is completely free, and will reward you with access to hundreds of equally stimulating games of passion and sex. This platform is the safest, most anonymous place online to engage in adult games, regularly updated content, riveting storylines, and the highest quality of adult art.

Long Lost Lust will be available to play via browser and downloadable for Android phones and PC. Under the Tender Troupe guarantee, it will be entirely possible to play Long Lost Lust for free, but special offers will help you progress through the story and accumulate the hottest adventuring party faster.

long lost lust twitter header unused

As all other Tender Troupe games, Long Lost Lust will have a pre-registration page on Nutaku. We will let you know as soon as it goes live! In the meantime, we invite you to join our Twitter and Discord.

The past few weeks have been all about bringing to a Soft Launch-ready build. Here’s a little update on your new favorite adult idle clicker – we’re getting there.


We had a very local Beta and found far too many bugs and inconsistencies to Soft Launch the game this week, as we were originally planning in secret. Booty Farm has set a certain level of quality expectations for Tender Troupe games that simply doesn’t have at the moment. Specifically, we are experiencing some balancing issues across the game, polishing up the rather noticable UI glitches across the game, and editing all text. The good news is that we are absolutely on top of the situation and that the delay is minimal. Worst case scenario – it will be out in August. But we still have grounded optimism that will go into Soft Launch this month.


In the meantime, you can read up all there is to know about the game on our page and join us on Discord. thumbnail


Now that we have 3 separate game Discord servers, we had to make some technical changes to our Patreon tier rewards. It is only possible to connect one Discord Server per tier. This means that we’ll have to grant you roles for non-Booty Farm servers manually.

If you wish to activate your role on the Long Lost Lust and/or servers, please send us your Discord handle (just click on your name in the bottom left corner and it will be copied automatically) in a private message on Patreon.

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 30 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

This one goes out to Booty Farm Memes and our awesome Discord friends Nick and MayMax.

A special thanks to our mod extraordinaire Kannebankai for making server emoticons featuring all our event girls so far. <3 From now on, when you need something fixed in the game, you talk to Jackie!

bee feed stonks booty farm meme
bee feed booty farm are ya winning son meme
nutaku event truck orders booty farm two buttons meme
booty farm discord server meme
booty farm event meme


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