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Happy new year Booty Farmers and Tender Troupers! We hope that this one will be as extraordinary as rolling two natural 20s!

In the Tender World, 2020 ought to be a doozy!


Booty Farm will continue to grow at the fast new pace we established this Winter. This means non-stop live ops and multiple monthly events. We do still have a few big features and makeovers to add, but the “technicalities” list is growing smaller.

New girls are cumming and they’re not stopping. We have our sights set on 3 events per month, so you can expect to meet a lot of hot thots in back-to-back bursts.

The new Shop will also accommodate several Cumbacks at once. We tried to release this feature over the Winter Holidays, but there were technical problems – this feature will be delayed until it works like clockwork. Better safe than sorry!


Long Lost Lust has an alpha build and we will be releasing this year. Worst case scenario – early summer. This fantasy RPG/visual novel has a huge starting roster of sexy girls for you to seduce, level up, strip down, and send into glorious battle. The art is similar to Booty Farm, but the gameplay and narration is much more dynamic. Whether you love your RPGs as epic fantasy, high fantasy, sword and sandal fantasy, or sexy fantasy, Long Lost Lust will let you explore a world of exciting new rules and good ol’ sex scenes.


Sexy Politics had a major revamp. It is still sexy (sexiER even) and still about political scandals, but the gameplay has been streamlined into something a lot more casual. The most demanding task we experienced with it was always narrative design – right now, we’re taking the political tone down a notch and creating faster-paced and highly interactive choice-based stories and quests. We’d like Sexy Politics to be the raunchiest game in our portfolio, and that’s saying something.

Did you meet Nicole? Our kinky little web star is a girl that we toiled over for a long time. The narrative was easy enough to design and flesh out – she’s a free spirit, completely at ease with her sexuality. So much so that she can easily put on a show with a whole different sexual personality that she uses for work – as Nicole lives out her own fantasies offline.

Nicole likes it really rough, but she’s a businesswoman who did her research and knows her audience – they are less hardcore. So she separates her two sex lives – until you came along and gave her a chance to express herself artistically. It’s a love story, really!

Nutaku x Booty Farm Birthday Bash

This week marks Nutaku’s fifth birthday! We’ve only been with them for a little over a year, but it was the most liberating year we’ve had as video game developers. Tender Troupe wishes Nutaku many, many more years of love and lust, and we’re ready to create a growing portfolio of games for Nutaku’s wonderful, welcoming community.

To celebrate this birthday, we added a birthday event of our own – it’s the Protagonist’s birthday! And since he’s been the dutiful cock about town, the girls thought to surprise him with the lewdest party the town’s ever seen.

The Birthday Event is a new mini-game event. You sent us plenty of feedback for the Snow Storm Event, and we implemented it to create, what we hope is, a much more satisfying mini-game event. We are sticking to one general animated scene per event and sex scenes as a result. The sex scenes are no longer animated, they are regular, static photos. Let’s try it this way, and you tell us how you feel about animated sex vs sex photos at or our Discord server.

How to Play

The Birthday Mini-game Event will be available until January 27th. Wanna complete the story on time? Just follow these sexy simple steps:

tutorial booty farm mini-game

We’d also like to use this opportunity to clarify that the 1st place reward are 3 photo slots, not 3 event-exclusive sex scenes. Everyone can use additional photo slots!

Known Issues

This event’s resource is a party hat. The Mini-game still uses last event’s resource visual asset, a snow shovel. We assure you that this is a cosmetic error on our part and that it will not affect your gameplay. If you see snow shovels, they are definitely, most certainly party hats.

Booty Farm Behind-the-Scenes

Nicole’s character design was a longer-than-usual task. Therefore, she’s an interesting opportunity for you to see how we design Booty Farm girls.


Character design description:

A tattooed, laid-back LA girl. Vibrant hair color (preferably pink or turquoise) representing how cam girls roleplay with various wigs.


As you can see, several artists worked on Nicole, thus the difference in art style each time. The final art always goes through the same artists so that the game remains consistent. Once we get the final look for the girl, we create her poses – the artists surprised us with an additional ahegao pose this time. We shied away from ahegao so far because Booty Farm is a Western style game and ahegao is a comical facial expression which works better for anime style storytelling. However, it has since become a staple in the cam girl world, and we were very happy to have Nicole make the pose.

1. The first concept art for Nicole was cute AF and will definitely be used at some point, but it was more Williamsburg hipster than LA cam girl. She’s far too covered up, and far too edgy for a mainstream audience. She also looks nothing like our reference photo who’s physique gave off a much stronger “cam girl” vibe.

2. The reference photo was taken into consideration. We love her face and body, but her style was still a bit off. First of all, she’s too covered up, the jacket has to go. The patterns and the colors are also very hot cyberpunk girl or sexy hacker. Not at all “I sell sexiness online”. We also decided that turquoise hair was not as outright sexy as we thought, so pink it is.

3. We love everything about this! Her outfit is still too modest, and her face shape is sweet and dreamy and not overtly sexual as is necessary to create a representation of cam girls. She also needs an LA tan and e-girl makeup.

4. Nicole as you know her! We used classic porn star makeup (dark, sultry eyes with plump neutral lips), e-girl hair, choker, and star on her cheek), a more revealing outfit, and a cell phone to stay busy with.

You can keep up with more behind-the-scenes work, earlybird Booty Farm art, and top secret Long Lost Lust art on our Patreon Page.

Fan Spotlight

Each week, we fill this section with fanmade content – fanart, screenshots, quotes, suggestions, astute observations, etc. If you get featured here, we’ll reward you with 20 Booty Farm crystals! Want to join our general discussion? Join us on the Booty Farm Discord server.

We’d like to take a moment to appreciate Mindy’s peach. her booty. Thank you Discord users matti is a hefty lad and BigBootyBitches for reflecting on the ass that started it all.

mindy booty farm nutaku meme


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