Booty Farm farm sim dating sim resource management casual miss valentine v linda milf baker

Booty Farm

Ever since Miss Valentine – Miss V for short – revealed her nature to you, the days leading up to the Holiday of Love have become somewhat of a guessing game.

Well, Miss V wants to spread the love with a massive orgy this year, and you can’t have a party without catering – same as you can’t have orgy participants without stamina. So she’s looking for a cheerful no-nonsense baker to help the girls of Booty Farm enjoy themselves to the max this season!

Miss V S03 will be live from February 10th to February 16th.

One More Day Update

You might have noticed that the event icon has become a countdown icon. This update is part of a bigger process that will make events more manageable.

When an event is over, we will keep its icon active for one more day, so that those of you who are still missing the final photo or two can purchase tokens from the Shop and use them to complete your story, without waiting for a Cumback.

Additionally, as soon as the event +1 day period is over, an icon for the upcoming event will show up, and you won’t have to fear missing out on the first few days of an event or all of it. You can also keep up to date with our event plans by following this here biweekly publication, joining our Discord, browsing the Nutaku Event List, or turning your app notifications on.

Booty Farm farm sim dating sim resource management casual mindy's farm lesbian event

You might need a moment to recover from Miss V’s special orgy, but Mindy sure doesn’t! She’s ready for her complete farm takeover, and lucky you – you can step into her nimble cowgirl boots as she does so! Mindy at your service, ladies!

Mindy’s Farm S02 will be a mini-game event, and we’re going back to the Memory Game format for a while. This will give you time to destress and decompress after two months of the high-paced Booty Ninja game. The Memory Game seems much better suited to the casual nature of Booty Farm.

Mindy’s Farm will be live from February 19th to February 25th.

Two Weeks at the Farm
Feb 7 – 11

Cumback girls: Miss V2 (Jane), Bunny S02.

Feb 10 – 16
Miss V Event: The embodiment of Valentine’s Day needs Linda’s help to organize an epic orgy.

Feb 16 – 20
Cumback girls: Mindy’s Farm, DJ Naya Fes2Love

Feb 19 – 25
Mindy’s Farm 2: A lesbian special. This cowgirl’s packin’ everything but the deliveries! adult casual idle clicker mobile android game elle nutaku valentine's lay

Why battle for the affections of all the city’s fine ladies, when they’re more than happy to make a contest for you?

In lingerie, no less!

The training wheels are off, and it’s high time for our adult idle clicker game to hit the pace we are already used to with Booty Farm. Rejoice! For we shall have 2-3 events per month. Some events will come with new girls that you can bring into your main game, read new steamy stories of, and upgrade your buildings with, other events will have more skins for the main cast. The Valentine’s Lay event is a Skin event, and lingerie-themed as well! Being the humanitarians that they are, Elle, Cameron, Apryl, and Giselle are hosting a Lingerie Cuntest to raise money and cheer up the horny citizens of – but you know, mostly for Dick. Whoever wins – it’s us. We all win!

Valentine’s Lay will be live from February 11th to February 15th, and it’ll cum with 4 additional stories to bring back to your main game.

(Skin events… yeesh, we need a different name for this. Feel free to pitch one)

If the prospect of multiple events intimidates you, worry not! Universes and stories will cycle back every few months, like how we’re getting a new Love Bites event on February 18th to February 22nd! It will feature some of the characters you’ve met last October, and a new girl. How do you feel about succubi?

long lost lust casual idle collection rpg beta announcement

Long Lost Lust

Good news, friends! Long gone are the days when we speak cryptically with dev mumbo jumbo like cumming soon. Long Lost Lust is just about good to go!

The base of our casual collectible RPG game is complete, and we wanted to take an extra month to get a few extra features in before we release the game to your Android phones and your PCs. We added the Arena (pvp feature) last week, so we’re currently balancing that out, in-house.

The Maze is our version of a dungeon crawl and it’ll become your favorite place to loot the finest armor and weapons for your girls, and give them better odds to demolish the enemy team in the main game combat. It’s also the final feature planned for release, and our main focus these days. Our friends from other Tender Troupe projects are assisting to help finish Maze art faster, so you know it’s in good hands. 🙂

long lost lust twitter header unused

The feedback is coming from inside the house.

This is where we can use your help! Sometime this week or the next, our Patreon supporters (Handsome Troupers, Stud Troupers, and Playboy Troupers) will receive the beta, and send us their feedback, criticism, thoughts and prayers via Patreon or Discord. We then have about a month to implement these changes, and we’ll truly be ready for Soft Launch on Nutaku. You can expect a pre-Registration page popping up sometime next month, too!

Miss V decoration linda milf baker
Miss V Decoration available in Shop! (Booty Farm)


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