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At ease, brave Black Friday troupers!

It turns out that two back to back events can wear down even the kinkiest Dick in town. We salute everyone who participated. We hope that you enjoy the differences in the milestone rewards, as well as our new sci-fi girls. And a Rosa story from Rosa’s point of view, how ’bout that?

As you may have noticed, the first part of Cosmic Sexploration was pretty easy to complete, while the second part was more challenging. We made absolutely certain that the main story was accessible to all, but we did experiment a little with the algorithm, to create a better one, which can provide you with fun, and us with sustainability. We tried out two benchmark settings with Cosmic Sexploration, and Tender Troupe thanks you for playing and teaching us how to further improve our event algorithm!

We should probably discuss Leaderboards while we’re at it, yeah?

There’s two sides to each event. The Milestones and the Leaderboard. Every player who puts in some effort will be able to come out of the event with at least some plugs and influence, but more likely with the full event story completed and also many new cards to take back to their main game. This is due to event Milestones, of which there are many, and which contain rewards from current and past events set in the same universe.

The Leaderboard is where event difficulty ramps up for better prizes. It brings some chaotic competition to the game, and lets you walk away with heaps of plugs and influence, and more importantly, novelty cards and skins. Now, all these cards and skins will find their way into the Milestone rewards later on, and casual players will have plenty of chances to claim the main event girl card at a more leisurely pace. But if your sights are set on the star of the event and you don’t mind playing rough, the Leaderboard is your arena! Winter Map

Kinky Holidays

You can expect heavy snowfall in this Winter, and you know what that means? Sexy Christmas lingerie!

The Kinky Holidays event will go live December 24-28, and boy will it show some skin! We’re introducing 8 new skins for existing popular girls, including 4 skin-based stories (this is probably a WIP title :D). We’re testing a new feature where you’ll receive new sexy stories with skins. If time is on our side, this buxom seasonal scenery in the image up top will be transferable to the main game too, but we can’t promise on that too much. Map skins are definitely something we’re thinking about! After the event, we’ll continue enhancing our skin system (yeesh, also a WIP title), so that we can introduce new ways to earn kinky skins in 2021.

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Booty Farm

This has been a wild year and if Booty Farm events gave you any consolation, reprieve, or moment of escapism, that gives us a boner of the heart.

We withheld from commenting on the real world craziness in our game all year, but we thought that maybe our gentle Ms Santa is the right person to address the situation. She’s weary and afraid that people are losing their Christmas spirit. You get to play a sweet seasonal event and bring our jolly lass back to her usual perky self! Reach the end of the event to get Ms Santa’s little helpers on the case, too!

Two Weeks at the Farm

Dec 14 – 21
Ms Santa 2020 Event

Dec 21 – 25
Cumback girls: Snowstorm 2019 (animated), Step sis 02

Dec 24 – 31
MC’s Vacation – New Year’s Cruise x Booty Ninja

Ms Santa 2020 Event Decoration


For regular glimpses into our work, WIPs of upcoming events and character art, and a chance to name characters, we have a Patreon! We also have a really neat offer for Playboy Troupers – our Long Lost Lust team will make a custom avatar for you, according to your wishes! This is a limited time offer, and only the first 10 Playboys get a custom avatar. Grab your seat on time!


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