Booty Farm

Hey there Farmers! How’d things go with Little Red Stella? Did you like the Foxy Poetess Mindy? She sure knows a lot of words that rhyme with… Spock.


We decided to give you a little breather this week. We’re doing several Cumback sales, and the next event is scheduled for June 16th. In the meantime, you can grow your storage and get those long-growing crops ready, because you’re gonna want to collect ALL the scenes for our Hentai themed Otaku event!


A few weeks ago, there was an interesting discussion on our Discord server – you started pitching girls that you wanted to see in-game. Through good cosmic alignments, we were at the same time pitching new events in-house, and seeing your suggestions helped steer us in a better direction. We believe all of our July events were spoken for on Discord. Wow. 🙂


One of the reasons there is such a long gap between Little Red and Sakura is because we’re taking the week off as a team, to compile the next few months of events. It’s a lot of brainstorming, and with all our work done remotely, it’s also a time sink. Worth it, we hope!

Two Weeks at the Farm

June 10 – 13
Cumback girls: Katya the Ballerina, Nicole the Cam Girl

June 14 – 18
Cumback girls: Jackie the Mechanic, Eleanor the Nerd, FestiLove (DJ Naya)

June 16 – 23
Otaku Event: Sakura the Mangaka

An Interview about… You!

The Tender Mods Psyentific and Tarantulic had the pleasure of talking about our players behind their backs. Good news – it’s all good news! We had a remote sit-down with Bella Blondeau of and talked about how entering the Nutaku adult entertainment arena changed our lives as developers, as well as just how much two-way communication with our Discord community contributes to the Booty Farm you know and love. (spoiler: A lot. Much love to the #feedback-suggestions channel).

Click on the image below to read it:

Known Issues and Updates

We’re working on making the Otaku event the first one that you won’t have to update by re-installing the game. Fingers crossed! If this works, the game will take up much less space on your device.

We also had a minor issue with storage being smaller than it says. It affected a small number of players and if you’re one of them, we’re fixing it.

Post Mini-game PSA:
The “Claim Rewards” screen is purely cosmetic. Sometimes, the game glitches out and you don’t see it, or you are unable from clicking the “Claim” button for some reason. Regardless, the next time you open Booty Farm, you will receive the rewards automatically. If you don’t see a boost in your coins or crystals after the Mini-game regardless, please send us a Ticket. PC users can do this by clicking on the “Game Support” link in Nutaku’s footer, Android users can swipe left to see the Nutaku menu in-game.

Long Lost Lust

Mara Long Lost Lust fantasy babe tiefling adult rpg card collection game nutaku

Long time no Lust!

There’s a lot of development going on for this game. It’s slowed down a little bit because Kink.Inc is readier to go and we’d like to get that cutie out to you as soon as possible. July 2020 pls! Long Lost Lust is currently in animation land – there’s 50+ girls and all of them come with skins in various stages of undress. Ideally, we should’ve started animating them earlier, but ayyy that’s game dev for ya and it’s no big deal since Kink.Inc bought us some time.


So let’s take the moment this June to discuss the best Lllesbian in the whole LLLand. Mara is inspired by tieflings, those sexy, incredibly rare horned demonic badasses that somehow every adventuring party has at least one of. As a devilette, we knew her skintone had to be inhuman. The first design felt too Undead – not sexy in her case. We also decided that her horns and sword would grow as she levels up, so it all needed to be smaller and more compact. The second color was too orcish – no good, we already have an orc, but the horns were cute. Red Mara was perfect – but a little too saturated compared to the rest of the game. Ultimately, we found the perfect shade of demonic red, and went on to draw her increasingly lewder level-up poses and explore her hornier side. 😉


There’s a lot more about Long Lost Lust development on our Patreon, don’t be a stranger!