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Welcome to week 3 of our Long Lost Lust dev blogs! The first two weeks were dedicated to combat skills as they were designed to be, and as they will be once we launch the Skills Update in early 2022. Today, we’d like to give you something of an encyclopedia of Buffs, Debuffs, and Conditions – the passives that can turn the tables in even the closest of encounters.

A Buff is an additional skill cast by your party member on herself or on her allies. It increases the affected character’s stats for a limited time. Buffs can be stacked a pre-defined amount of times.

A Debuff is that, but bad. It is an additional skill cast by your party member on enemies, and it decreases the affected characters’ stats for a limited time. Debuffs can be stacked a pre-defined amount of times.

A Condition¬†is a special type of debuff that affects a character’s state. Long Lost Lust currently recognizes 4 conditions: Dazed, Immobilized, Bound, and Gagged. There are also special Damage Over Time and Heal over Time conditions.

Buffs and Debuffs

This is a list of all Long Lost Lust buffs and debuffs, and their corresponding icons. It’s a pretty straightforward system raising and decreasing basic character stats, but if you have any specific questions about specific buffs and debuffs, we are at your service in the game’s Discord server.

Each set of conditions limits the affected character’s reactions.
Stun (Daze/Dazed): This makes the target unable to use their active skills or basic attacks. If a character is hit with Stun while they are already stunned from before, the stun counter refreshes and they stay stunned until the effect from the second Stun runs out. A character that is stunned can still get energy from being attacked and use their passive skills.

Freeze (Immobilize/Immobilized): This condition is just a different character flavor of stun – the effects are the same, but the visuals are different.

Petrify (Bind/Bound) – a condition that is slightly different to Stun. Petrified targets cannot use their active skills and basic attacks. Unlike Stun, Petrify is not refreshable. Petrifying an already petrified character does nothing – they will simply be out of play until the original Petrify timer runs out. You can always petrify a recently unpetrified enemy character again. A character that is petrified can still get energy from being attacked and use their passive skills.

Silence (Gag/Gagged): This condition takes away a target’s voice, meaning that they would be incapable of using their active and passive skills, but they can resume using their basic attacks. Silence is refreshable, so you can keep stacking this condition upon a target, resetting the effect timer each time. A character that is silenced can still get energy from being attacked, and attacking.

Damage Over Time (DoT):

There are 3 types of Damage Over Time conditions. They have the same effect, but are visually different. These are Burn (Scorch/Scorched), Bleed (Leech/Leeched), and Poison (Infect/Infected). These conditions deal extra damage passively, and are good for crowd control. They can be stacked, meaning that when a character has been poisoned for 2 rounds and has 1 more round until the effect goes away, Poisoning them again will reset the countdown to 3 rounds until the effect goes away.

Heal Over Time (HoT):

This condition works the same way as Damage Over Time, except that it’s cast upon allied characters – naturally, it’s used to heal characters.

The Next Round

Thank you for following our Long Lost Lust Feature Update dev blogs! We will post another one next week. We would like to go over our plans for fixing Arena battles with the big update.

While you wait, you can still participate in regular Long Lost Lust events. There’s an Oral Gathering live until Dec 15th. Get your Trygvi on! We’ll start a Kinky Gathering on Thursday.